Five Talents – Ep. 15 “Office Showdowns”

Previously, on Five Talents

  • At Lilith’s direction, Pitch visited Eurydice, to leverage the Muse’s crush on Pitch to convince her to submit an article in Matt Reade’s name to the Editors under the guide of currying favor with the new owner of the contract: Aba Don.
  • Tie finds Benny’s lawyer, Craig, and with only the barest amount of demonic influence, compels the attorney to dummy papers identifying Benny as co-owner of the murdered hipster’s brewing company.
  • Lilith does her own work to influence Harry to buy Calvin the time to submit his own rebuttal to Matt Reade’s article.
  • Pitch, Tie and Gast have a final check that everything is in place before Gast leaves to confront Aba.
  • Gast first had to wake a still comatose Aba, but when they did finally square off, Gast revealed to Aba why the head of Wrath couldn’t steal his body (it’s thanks to a mark the Creator placed on it ages ago), and that the tables had already turned.

This episode:

  • Calvin arrives at the LA Weekly office to make his play for his job (and life) per Lilith’s instruction.
  • Sally also follows Lilith’s directions and arrives at his restaurant, and meets the “cavalry” Lilith had Pitch call in.
  • Gast trades final blows with Aba Don.
  • Calvin and Harry have their futures at the LA Weekly determined by a very hungover Editor in Chief.

Chapter 78 – Proper Research

Chapter 79 – Cooking the Books

Chapter 80 – Executive Management

Chapter 81 – Editorial Management

New to the story? Earlier episodes are archived here. The full audiobook with all these and more will be released later this month.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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