Mon Men – Available Now

Available today on iTunes  the first episode of a podcast project I’m undertaking with a friend: Mon Men! We’ll be taking a biweekly journey through the Pokedex to discuss Pokemon design (Mon Mods), Hypothesizing what they’d be doing IRL (It’s a Mon’s World), and ending each episode discussing which Pokemon we think would make the…

What About the Girl?

Stories with women that are just set dressing or targets for the male protagonists are worthless. Flesh her out. Give her agency and goals of her own.

Breaking Foma

That is what this book is for me. It’s a silly story about a man who accidentally makes a movie, but along the way he, and hopefully I in writing it, will break, edit, delete and rewrite the articles above into something simpler, something elegant.

The Kanye West Poop Principle

Perhaps he was protecting his image and social stature as a person who does not regularly need to poop in vulnerable public spaces- if at all.