A mentor, on the other hand, is trying to help their protege/mentee find the thing they want to be, and to push them toward that thing. I believe that’s best done by asking questions, but listening, and encouraging.

The First Unusual Thing

What can I do in the coming month to help you say “yes, and” yourselves? Do you want a reader/editor for a story/script/article? Someone to look over a project plan/idea? An extra/actor in that short film you’re not sure how to cast to get going?

I’m here.

Farewell Yellow Brick Road

Elton John is the rare artist who transcends the hubris of the concept, in his case going on this farewell tour is an act of grace and kindness.

The Best a Man Can Be

Masculinity is not violence, indifference, or cruelty in the name of toughness. Masculinity is courage to stand up in defense of someone who is being objectified or mistreated.

The Resolutions Post

More than a decade sitting on this one and I’m finally feeling the pull of it as being imperative rather than merely tempting.

I’ll Have a Pink Christmas Without You

Pink Christmas wastes no time at continuing and expanding on its universe and characters so effectively that this installment feels robust while leaving me wanting more.