Podcast – Mon Men

Mon Men is a biweekly podcast I cohost with my good friend, Michael Darling. Available now on iTunes, Spotify and just about every other podcast platform.

Every other Sunday, we release a new episode going numerically through the Pokedex discussing design, inspirations, and tangential pop culture (a lot of tangents, to be honest), related to the Pokemon we’re discussing that week.

Each episode kicks off with a game of Mon Mom: my own mother describes and names one of the Pokemon that week, and Michael competes with our guest cohost to see if they can determine which one she’s speaking about. Then comes the meat of the podcast, where we go through the Pokemon of the day’s designs, and whatever they may bring to mind by way of movies & TV, comics, or musical theater.

We close each episode with three brief segments:

  • Mon Mods – What would we change about the Pokemon to improve them?
  • It’s a Mon’s World – What would these Pokemon be doing in the real world?
  • Mon Apetit – Which Pokemon of the day would we eat, and how would we want it prepared?

Join us, and feel free to contact me by email (optional.irony@gmail.com) or on Twitter (@MonMenPod) with any questions, feedback, or suggestions.