I’m Still Here – 2019 Resolutions Check In

Nearly 3 years ago I deleted all the writing I’d done up to that point in my life and asked myself: “Does writing really matter to you?” No one was asking me to write. No one asked me to write Beneath the Wood, start this blog, write two more novels, or any of the hundreds of pages…

Mon Men – Available Now

Available today on iTunes  the first episode of a podcast project I’m undertaking with a friend: Mon Men! We’ll be taking a biweekly journey through the Pokedex to discuss Pokemon design (Mon Mods), Hypothesizing what they’d be doing IRL (It’s a Mon’s World), and ending each episode discussing which Pokemon we think would make the…

My Roman Holiday, Writing Goals & Living Ghosts

If there’s anything that starts to weigh us down it’s the potential of things that might or could have been, but aren’t. I think those are the living ghosts we can be haunted by that keep us up at night no matter how good things are.

Breaking Foma

That is what this book is for me. It’s a silly story about a man who accidentally makes a movie, but along the way he, and hopefully I in writing it, will break, edit, delete and rewrite the articles above into something simpler, something elegant.

The Politics of Fantasy

Real world politics and morality have always found their way into great fantasy and sci-fi. Why I’m allowing the tragedy of America’s gun violence epidemic take center stage in my latest novel in progress.

Back to Comedy

An excerpt from my next buddy cop comedy novel, Gunn & Balloo, as well as a perspective on why, when sad, I prefer to right funny rather than dive into melancholy.