The Old Deal – A broad look at one of the hard, known truths that enables the cynicism of people of color and immigrants who voted for Trump.

Our Responsibility – Contributor Nigel Walsh discusses the need at this moment for history more than ever for people to be well read and educated as responsible citizens.

Thursday Tales & My Rule of Thumb for Dating and Relationships – A story about a king and the search for a superlative horse, and what we can take away from it with regards to the people we share our lives with.

Getting Back in the Habit – The Ongoing Depressive Hurdle – Discussing the impact of depression on my art and productivity, and how I fight my way back to the desk for it.

Personal Updates – Israel Vacation & the Long Summer Ahead – A look at my trip through Israel with my mom, travel tips for going overseas, and a look forward at the months to come.

Personal Updates – Spring in Review – A quick update on the past few months with my writing, acting classes, and other projects and pastimes, and how a journey of any length always starts the same way: with a first step.

Stone by Stone – Thursday Tales – A story of Ferdinand Cheval and how he built a literal castle over 34 years of diligent stone gathering, and what that means for any project or career.

One Finger Points, Three Point Back – More life lessons from Improv acting, and how being compassionate is required to make the most of both comedy and life.

Lessons from a F*** Up – I got called out quite a few times by my teacher in my 3rd week of Improv Acting class, but we learn from our stumbles, so here are my lessons.

When in Doubt on Stage and on the Page – Lessons from Improv Acting on how to progress with narratives and in life as well.

The Privilege of Education – Thoughts on the state of public education in America thanks to news of broad cheating on the part of parents to get their kids into elite colleges.

The Sexiest Thing You Can Wear – Whatever role you’re aspiring to in the story of your life, dress and play the part.

Know Your Audience, Know Your Punchline – Lessons in comedy from the rough edges of TMI Hollywood’s season premiere sketch show.

WTF Cosmo? – The Villainous Narrator – On Cosmo’s misstep of listing Nabokov’s Lolita as a “great erotic novel” and why we need to be better about recognizing the faults in our narrators and protagonists.

Personality Tests & the Zodiac – Not a Portrait, a Road Map – My thoughts on the usefulness of personality tests, star signs, and mental diagnoses all as a road map for growth and self improvement.

The First Unusual Thing – Improv classes with UCB have wrapped and I’m ready for more art and to help you with yours.

My Week in 3 Phrases – Russian Doll, STFU You’re Crazy & Charizard is a War Criminal – A brief update on a busy week, and motivations thoughts from TV, my podcast, and my acting class.

I’m Still Here – 2019 Resolutions Check In – A check in on sticking to your resolutions, and my advice on a simple paradigm shift that could make the difference.

The Best a Man Can Be – My response and advice to men in the wake of Gilette’s best a man can be ad and the backlash.

The Resolutions Post

31 in Review, Onward and Upward to 32 – Reflections on 31 following my birthday, and the excitement I have for 32 and more.

Doors Through Which We Might Go – Looking back on 2018 and the amazing experiences I opened myself up to by going through some doors that have been there for years.

What Everyone Gets – Personal reflection on turning 32 and doubling the span of my life since my first attempt at suicide.

If it Were Done – Setting a new watermark for how far I’ve come at coping with my anxiety by way of completing and enjoying my Shakespeare acting classes, so what comes next?

Excelsior – RIP Stan Lee

What Society Has Told Me Handsome Is Versus What I Am – My thoughts on how I value my handsomeness, and why I grew up focusing on valuing things beyond just looks.

A Well Regulated Militia – A simple dissection of the Second Amendment, and my proposal to gun ownership supporters that’s right there in the wording of their beloved amendment.

On Gratitude & “Balloo Luck” – My personal appreciation of the extremely charmed life I lead, and how being mindful of gratitude for every little thing makes you acutely aware of how lucky we all are.

Today Was About Listening – My thoughts and feelings in response to the testimony of Dr. Christine Balsey Ford at the Kavanaugh hearing.

You Were There – A dream you had, and how you remember my welcoming you into my home.

Pronouncements of Marriage and Kindness – Sometimes the harder challenge in a relationship is allowing yourself to be loved rather than loving. Reflections on my late Aunty Rena and what her struggles with MS taught me about this.

I’m Not That Excited for More Bojack – It’s Time to Evolve the Depiction of Depression in Media

Negative Space & Form in Art, Relationships