Artist Profiles

Turning 21 for 22 – Isabel Rae McKenzie, WRITER

Why I’m Here – Yennaedo Balloo, WRITER

Making Boxes Into Rocket Ships – Beverly Baigent, PHOTOGRAPHER

Under Ten Coats of Paint – Nicole Lucas, DESIGNER

All You’ve Gotta Do Is… – Loryn Stone, WRITER

The Boys on the Jungle Gym – Matt Burroughs & TehBen, WRITERS

Drawing on Intensity – Kali Fontecchio, MUSICIAN

Impact in the Gray – Emma Buntrock-Muller, PHOTOGRAPHER

Zen in a Dive – Nigel Walsh, MUSICIAN

Inspiring Bravery Through Authenticity – Lola Isabel Gonzalez, VISUAL ARTIST

The Unbearable Lightness of Punk – Seth Hansen, MUSICIAN

The Costs of Truth & Vulnerability – Gerry Maravilla, FILMMAKER

Splinters & Scars – Evan James Clark, AUTHOR

Chance Calloway, STORYTELLER