Drawful the Awful

It began as a joke with a friend, and now it’s a series I’ll be releasing in segments over the coming months: Drawful the Awful & His Adventures with the Princess Brooke.

BONUS POST – UPDATED ART- A bonus post with a preview of the rough sketches for the Front Cover and (Spoiler Warning) the last illustration of Drawful the Awful.

DRAWFUL THE AWFUL ILLUSTRATIONS: EARLY SKETCHES – Wherein I share the progress and early sketches for Drawful the Awful’s interior art.

EARLY CHARACTER DESIGNS! -Wherein I unveil the preliminary character designs for four members of the cast.

PART XXIII: HIKE UP YOUR SKIRT – Wherein Princess Brooke faces up to what her kingdom and society think of her, with some help from her dragonly friend.

PART XXII: ALCOHOLICS EPONYMOUS – Wherein a wizard and an oracle meet, and a well meaning sorceress finds her patience taxed.

PART XXI: CHECK THE CABINET – Wherein the Kings go through a cabinet meeting, but a Duke’s manipulations finally take hold.

PART XX: BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS – Wherein two Kings and Duke share breakfast, but only one has any wisdom to share.

PART XIX: TOURS OF DUTY – Wherein King Nick shares his trepidation with the Captain of his guard regarding Nick and his daughter’s nuptials.

PART XVIII: DIPLOMACY – Wherein King Nick does his best to put with visiting King Lando on their way to the palace.

PART XVII: CIVIC PLANNING – Wherein two Kings discuss their approaches to city planning, and a Duke receives a new title, much to his chagrin.

PART XVI: BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS – Wherein a bottomless mimosa brunch is there appropriate preparation and setting for a contract renegotiation.

PART XV: HANG OVER THE BEND – Wherein Haverly gathers intel and makes an attempt at also gathering supplies for his adventure.

PART 14: BRUNCH & BRO – Wherein another Prince appears, and a refilled purse of coin comes in handy as the most effective weapon in the field.

PART 13: BLACK WATER, GREEN FIRE – Wherein a Prince encounters another dragon, and manages to come to yet another deal to avoid fighting.

PART 12: ENEMY AT THE GATES – Wherein a wizard makes a woolly new friend, and a King receives an unanticipated visitor.

PART 11: A LITTLE PARTY NEVER HURT NOBODY – Wherein the Prince Chauncey is forced to undertake the made up quest for a made up sword.

PART 10: FALLON OF THE TERRIBLE FIRE AND MUCH MEANNESS – Wherein we meet the dragon Fallon of the Terrible Fire and Much Meanness.

PART 9: NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER 2 AM – Wherein late night cake and wine is interrupted by an unwanted visitor, but a much appreciated investor.

PART 8: THUS HIS WATCH IS ENDED – Wherein a wizard engages in a popular card game, and finds common ground with an unlikely supporter.

PART 7: INVITATIONS PRESUMED LOST IN THE MAIL – Wherein a Duke uses his imagination, and a King makes an unlikely move- which is to say he makes a move at all.

PART 6: DRAGONRY & CUISINE – Wherein dinner with an Oracle provides obligatory foreshadowing and a friend’s concern is well received the day before it’s proffered.

PART 5: THE KINGDOM OF ANATHEMA – Wherein a King hunts for leftovers, but doesn’t consider just desserts, and a King is more aware of a fact of his kingdom but not a fact of himself.

PART 4: COUNSEL FROM A COUNCIL FOR A COUNSELOR – Wherein a Spin Wizard discusses the day’s events and his own proposed legislation.

PART 3: DOUBLE REVERSE BACKHAND PSYCHOLOGY – Wherein Drawful the dragon faces off against the first Prince seeking to rescue the Princess… and the Princess helps the Dragon.

PART 2: OUR FATHERS’ HEROES – Wherein bards are given their due consideration and a Champion appears who is less than happy to have appeared.

PART 1: THE CLASSIFIEDS – Wherein a Dragon does his best to navigate his lot in life by arranging to kidnap a Princess.