My Novels



Beneath the Wood

It’s Penelope’s final week of high school and she is challenged by the goodbyes to friends both at hand and already long gone, and how the challenges of forgiveness and struggle through and past trauma affect them all. It’s available for download for less than a dollar on Kindle, as well in paperback.

Screenshot_20170621-155324Five Talents

Calvin Graves is competing for a job at the LA Weekly against fellow intern, Matt Reade who has an edge: a deal with a devil named Gast who’s tilting the odds heavily in Matt’s favor through supernatural shenanigans. Calvin wants to outsmart Gast but ends up on the bad side of the Mafia for it. Gast wants to outsmart his boss, Aba Don, but ends up on the bad side of the rest of Hell for it. Through it all, everyone must  face up to what their lives and work mean in the scheme of eternity, and why it matters possibly more because of such scale. Five Talents is now available for purchase on Kindle, or in paperback.

drawful front cover st draft .jpgDrawful the Awful

When your father poses an ultimatum before he’ll let you take over the family business- marriage or an adventure- what’s a Princess to do when all potential suitors are airheaded dopes? She asks her local dragon, Drawful the Awful to “kidnap” her, of course. Drawful the Awful tells the story of a dragon and princess who find an unlikely friendship that helps them, and their friends, possibly become more than the sum of their parts- if they can survive the threat of a new, truly terrifying dragon that has arrived in their kingdom. Drawful the Awful is now available for purchase in Kindle and Paperback!

Coming Soon…

The Spectacular Seraphim versus The Fame Monster

Sienna Shamma, retired from being an L.A. superhero because of an exploitative and emotionally abusive ex, Maddie Gordon. Months later though, a demon has begun terrorizing Los Angeles, and Sienna must decide whether or not to reassume the mantle of Los Angeles’ resident superhero. Little does she know that the terror plaguing the sity is a demon that has always possessed Maddie which was feeding off the glut of attention Maddie leeched from Sienna’s heroics. The monster is now going through withdrawals causing Maddie to transform into an increasingly terrifying and violent monster terrorizing the city. Sienna must step up to save a city she isn’t sure wants to be saved. Can she do so after her prior experiences in the spotlight, especially when she finds out the monster is one she dated last year?