About the Irony

There are things you are guaranteed to take and appreciate from life, but the irony? That’s always been optional.

Welcome to Optional Irony, a space to discuss TV, Movies, Music, Politics, and more, as well as my own personal projects and other work. I’ve self-published three novels which you can check out in the Novels section above, and jump from there to Amazon to purchase them on Kindle or in paperback. My thoughts on writing both from a technical approach to the emotional/spiritual can be found in the On Writing section.

For inquiries regarding editorial/proofreading services, book reviews, features, and artist profiles, please reach out through optional.irony@gmail.com, or on Twitter: @Why_Balloo

2 thoughts

  1. You have a lot of good advice that I find to be very inspirational. A lot of the challenges in writing you cover under On Writing are things I find myself faced with when I try to write, especially the post about motivation!

    1. Thank you, I’m honored that it resonates with you! Finding motivation to not only write, but also to outline, edit, rewrite and continually improve one’s work is always a challenge. It’s a misconception that art should just “flow,” sometimes we need to conquer ourselves to produce it and that struggle makes it all the more important to continue working at it with discipline until it’s in a state where we can say that it is as good as we can make it, it is the story I wanted to tell, it is finished. Keep at it, and stay in touch!

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