You Were There

-my pause is to appreciate everyone who came, including you. Especially you.

Relinquish the Ashes

Up concrete steps, chipping paint crackling under his feet. The latch on the gate creaks with rusty protest, he doesn’t manage to muster a sigh in response. His phone groaned in his pocket and he slumped into one of the lattice patio chairs shaded by the blooming bougainvillea he had trained up and around the bistro…

The Ballad of Taylor Swift

Inspired by Taylor’s lyric: Whiskey on Ice/Sunset and Vine, Taylor enjoys some Whiskey at an eatery just by that actual intersection: McDonald’s.

Short Story : The Politics of Fear

Wherein I reflect on my experience in NYC on 9/11, and why I refuse to let the politics of fear keep me from opposing the Muslim Ban.

Short Story – AMEPA

Wherein I introduce the AI to control American Manufacture, Economic and Professional Assignment, AMEPA, and its worldview.

Short Story – Hands on Your Papers

“Congratulations, sir,” the officer sighed. Paul remembered him sighing in a mystifying way. Maybe it was a sigh of exhaustion or disbelief. Possibly it was incredulity. However, it didn’t change what had come next: “in the eyes of your government and its people, you are hereby ‘White.’” Paul had begun the work innocuously enough. Asking…