Five Talents – Ep. 16 “Curtain Call”

Previously, on Five Talents:

  • Calvin convinced Sam to offer him the job at the LA Weekly over Matt Reade, thanks to an article Lilith advised he write.
  • Lilith sent an IRS auditor to help Sally, who revealed to the chef that he’s owned the property the Via Fresca occupies all along, and who took Benny in for tax evasion and attempted assault.
  • Gast and Aba Don were near coming to blows, until Lucifer forced Aba’s early retirement so he could have his favorite drinking buddy to faff about with.

This episode:

  • Gast tenders his own resignation.
  • Calvin has a chat with his new boss at the LA Weekly.
  • Gast, Lilith, Tessa, Sally, Calvin and Karen all meet at the Fresca to tie off one last loose thread.
  • We see where Aba and Lucifer end up, and are reminded of a beauty humans and Devils alike can love: Etta James’ soulful music.

Chapter 82 – Sabbatical

Chapter 83 – Re-Orientation Day

Chapter 87 – Just Desserts

Chapter 88 – At Last

New to the story? Earlier episodes are archived here. This is the final installment of the main story sections of the audiobook. The unabridged audiobook will be released this wekend!

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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