The Things I’ve Cast Aside

I want to thank each and every person for every bit of it because I’m going to do my best to weave all those strands of emotion and experience into something wonderful. 

Suspiria – I Done Goofed

In searching for where to begin this review, I can think of no better way than to say that I fucked up. A friend asked me to go see Suspiria at the NuArt Theater in West Hollywood last night, but since that was a midnight show, I suggested the Arclight instead for a more reasonable…

What About the Girl?

Stories with women that are just set dressing or targets for the male protagonists are worthless. Flesh her out. Give her agency and goals of her own.

My Kind of Playlist

A preview of my next novel, The Book of Resurrection, by way of 5 songs that embody scenes from it.

30 Rock Retrospective: The Best Valentine’s Story Ever Told

Holiday episodes for TV shows can always be a little schlocky, or stall character development for the sake of hitting the “beats” that are required for shows taking place on Christmas (someone has to learn the value of generosity or feel less alone thanks to a surrogate family, for example).  Valentine’s day is subject to…