My Roman Holiday, Writing Goals & Living Ghosts

Last night I devised a concept for a hieroglyphic based written language- it would be a nice element of a fantasy setting. It does not at all pertain to my current written project so I’ve filed it away for future use. Yesterday, I also booked my flight itineraries for a trip to London then Rome in October. It’ll be my first true vacation in a while, and my first time traveling overseas to somewhere other than Trinidad, where I was born.

I mention all of the above because I’m still plugging away at drafting my new novel. I told a friend over the weekend that overall theme of it is “living ghosts,” and I’ve shared some excerpts and notes on Twitter alluding to this. In particular, I shared this song to explain the living ghosts concept:

What’s the point of this? Basically, that I have the heart of my novel, and I’m trying to mold and sculpt the story I want to tell around that. I’m about to turn 32, and I’m proud of living my life without having regrets, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been perfect or successful at all my endeavors. If there’s anything that starts to weigh us down it’s the potential of things that might or could have been, but aren’t. I think those are the living ghosts we can be haunted by that keep us up at night no matter how good things are.

Not this kind of ghost, unfortunately.

So, my comedy about two hapless guys trying to convince a tech millionaire to fund a movie they want to make? That’s the core of it. I’m plotting along in my draft towards their stay in the “haunted house” in Venice Beach, a page at a time and I’m now setting a goal to get a rough draft done by the time I get on my flight to London in October. As always, it’s about small work adding up to the whole. You eat the elephant one bite at a time.

It’s a generous goal- rough drafts are the easy part for me, so two months is actually challenging myself to take my time and be more deliberate in the rough draft than I usually am. I’m glad I found that core, and now just need to make sure it’s a sturdy bone structure under the meat of the plot throughout this thing.

From here I’ll probably be sharing character plotting, and more excerpts between whatever random pop culture topics occur to me. As always, thanks for joining me on another journey, my fourth now. We move forward.


Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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