Another Month

I finally feel like I’ll be getting back to the blog with some regularity. My return after the month of silence is thanks to the first round of edits for Drawful the Awful being wrapped.

My next move is to have my editor-at-large, Alana Saltz, give it a proofread, while Melissa finishes up the artwork for it. While the latter is happening with a target for completion of December, I’ll be shopping Drawful around to agents and publishers.

In the meantime though, since I’m going to also start working on developing ideas from the queue for my next project, I’ll be sharing fresh takes on my work in that space, as well as new samples here as well. The blog will be much more active again in short order.

I have a pair of ideas for sequels, both for Five Talents and Drawful the Awful already, but I’m going to let those marinade a bit longer and try my hand at something else before going back to either of those worlds. In the meantime, one nice update on Drawful with the impending query run is that I have the first color artwork to share with you that will be included as a sample in the query packages. The eventual front cover with the Princess and Drawful enjoying an afternoon nap on the second day of the story:

drawful front cover st draft

Once more, Melissa continues to do fabulous work, and I’m feeling more ready than ever to move onto the query phase with this one. Somehow, I managed something special here and I can’t wait for you all to get to read it. Until you can get copies in your hands though, the grind continues.

More to come, folks.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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