You Were There

-my pause is to appreciate everyone who came, including you. Especially you.

The Ballad of Taylor Swift

Inspired by Taylor’s lyric: Whiskey on Ice/Sunset and Vine, Taylor enjoys some Whiskey at an eatery just by that actual intersection: McDonald’s.

Short Story : The Politics of Fear

Wherein I reflect on my experience in NYC on 9/11, and why I refuse to let the politics of fear keep me from opposing the Muslim Ban.

Short Story – AMEPA

Wherein I introduce the AI to control American Manufacture, Economic and Professional Assignment, AMEPA, and its worldview.

Short Story – Hands on Your Papers

“Congratulations, sir,” the officer sighed. Paul remembered him sighing in a mystifying way. Maybe it was a sigh of exhaustion or disbelief. Possibly it was incredulity. However, it didn’t change what had come next: “in the eyes of your government and its people, you are hereby ‘White.’” Paul had begun the work innocuously enough. Asking…