Farewell Yellow Brick Road

Elton John is the rare artist who transcends the hubris of the concept, in his case going on this farewell tour is an act of grace and kindness.

Mon Men – Available Now

Available today on iTunes  the first episode of a podcast project I’m undertaking with a friend: Mon Men! We’ll be taking a biweekly journey through the Pokedex to discuss Pokemon design (Mon Mods), Hypothesizing what they’d be doing IRL (It’s a Mon’s World), and ending each episode discussing which Pokemon we think would make the…

I’ll Have a Pink Christmas Without You

Pink Christmas wastes no time at continuing and expanding on its universe and characters so effectively that this installment feels robust while leaving me wanting more.

The Video Game of the Year as Chosen by my Dog, Cordy

Cordy has appeared here and there on this blog before, she’s an incomparably sweet english shepherd whose greatest tragedy is that while  she’s impossibly soft and sweet, she hates cuddling. Generally, she likes to be within arm’s reach. There’s one exception to that though. She gets very worried and affectionate when I have a video…

Sparks (Not the Coldplay Song)

If you have a cool friend who notices something she thinks would be cool to do, do it. You might just find a new favorite band/artist/place to eat.

A Tale of Two Suzies – Argento’s Suspiria (1977)

The same day I posted about my fuck up having seen the Suspiria remake when my friend and I intended on seeing the original 1977 Dario Argento film, my friend came through and found that a local cafe/bar/venue was doing a free screening of the original this past Sunday. Ideally, I may have preferred seeing…