The Privilege of Education

“I’ve been rethinking one of my earliest childhood crushes because Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) is in the news for something other than Fuller House this week-“

A Well Regulated Militia

I think this is a fair exchange, because it’s right there in the language, in the history behind the amendment itself.

A Dear John [the Baptist] Letter

“The [American Evangelical church] has strayed too far. It no longer represents what I seek to stand for when I say that I believe in and live according to Jesus.”

The Politics of Fantasy

Real world politics and morality have always found their way into great fantasy and sci-fi. Why I’m allowing the tragedy of America’s gun violence epidemic take center stage in my latest novel in progress.

Short Story : The Politics of Fear

Wherein I reflect on my experience in NYC on 9/11, and why I refuse to let the politics of fear keep me from opposing the Muslim Ban.