Farewell Yellow Brick Road

Elton John is the rare artist who transcends the hubris of the concept, in his case going on this farewell tour is an act of grace and kindness.

The Scene is Dead, Long Live the Scene

I’ve never been much a fan of shock value art, or weird for weirdness’ sake art. It’s not a very sustainable position to convey a message that has any lasting value except as a punchline, because shock and weirdness are both relative to a given norm. I’m a fan of Punk rock precisely because the…

Sparks (Not the Coldplay Song)

If you have a cool friend who notices something she thinks would be cool to do, do it. You might just find a new favorite band/artist/place to eat.

My Kind of Playlist

A preview of my next novel, The Book of Resurrection, by way of 5 songs that embody scenes from it.

The Ballad of Taylor Swift

Inspired by Taylor’s lyric: Whiskey on Ice/Sunset and Vine, Taylor enjoys some Whiskey at an eatery just by that actual intersection: McDonald’s.