The Best a Man Can Be

Masculinity is not violence, indifference, or cruelty in the name of toughness. Masculinity is courage to stand up in defense of someone who is being objectified or mistreated.

A Well Regulated Militia

I think this is a fair exchange, because it’s right there in the language, in the history behind the amendment itself.

A Dear John [the Baptist] Letter

“The [American Evangelical church] has strayed too far. It no longer represents what I seek to stand for when I say that I believe in and live according to Jesus.”

Short Story – Hands on Your Papers

“Congratulations, sir,” the officer sighed. Paul remembered him sighing in a mystifying way. Maybe it was a sigh of exhaustion or disbelief. Possibly it was incredulity. However, it didn’t change what had come next: “in the eyes of your government and its people, you are hereby ‘White.’” Paul had begun the work innocuously enough. Asking…