Production Notes

Production Notes is my 4th novel in progress. Simon and Miles are trying to persuade an angst ridden silicon valley millionaire, Parker Toss to invest in their time travel movie. Before she’ll sign the check, she wants them to spend the night in her haunted (beach) house. They’re not there as ghostbusters, and Parker is allowing a competing producer to pitch to her as well (sans haunted house sleepover), so what are any of the three of them trying to get out of making a movie, the night in the haunted house, or life itself? The answers (hopefully) come with the dawn.

What About the Girl? – Miles and Simon discuss one of Miles’ possible movie ideas, one of which Simon stuffs point blank because of poor character development.

The Kanye West Poop Principle – My first excerpt from my new novel delves into the social anxiety and contract we have regarding going number poo, and why Simon’s so damned fidgety in his first meeting with Miles.