Excerpts and insights into characters and scenes from Unicorns & Satellites can be found here as I progress through my rough draft of the manuscript. Damien and his roommate, Ben “BG” Harrington have been asked by their best friend, Luke, to officiate and be the best man at his upcoming wedding. Both men will grapple with the battle for romance to truly exist in the midst of what Damien sees as an increasingly pragmatic society and the daunting circumstances of adulthood.

SARTORIAL ENLIGHTENMENT – Wherein we muse on California, formal wear, and enlightenment.

DANCE PARTNERS – Wherein we question the value of honesty in romance.

THE WORST VICE – Wherein we explore what people are really asking when seeking advice.

FASHIONABLE & TABOO – Wherein my narrator considers the timing of revealing certain beliefs, particularly concerning religious beliefs.

GRACE AND SALAD – Wherein we muse over grace and the proper ingredients of fruit salads.

OUT WITH THE OLD, WITH CAVEATS – Wherein my narrator reflects on Los Angeles’ handling of architecture and history.

THE WELL TREAD STORY – Wherein my narrator muses on storytelling and ego.

PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE – Wherein my readers might become time travelers or oracles.

SHARE OF THE BLAME – Wherein my narrator holds himself, religion and the impermanence of things accountable.

FOREWORD – Wherein I share thoughts on impermanence and time.

SYDNEY THE STRONG WOMAN – Wherein I discuss writing strong female characters who are brave, intelligent and bold, yet still balanced human beings with flaws.

SAME DOGS, SAME TRICKS – Wherein and old trick of mine for bottomless mimosas makes it into the story.

SCOTCH TALK – Wherein Colin and BG discuss the “luckiness” of being in limbo between a fight and a break up.

LACK OF PRESENCE IN THE PRESENT – Wherein Colin muses on some deeper truths when he should be more focused on what’s at hand, and using moments like these to also reflect larger themes.

CHARACTER THROUGH SETTING – Wherein I describe my use and application of robust setting detail not only to reveal space, but also themes and character to a reader, and to plant certain seeds.

COLLEGE MEMORIES – Wherein Colin, BG and Drew tell a story they’ve all told dozens of times before, without realizing how many times they’ve told it, or how long ago it really happened.

EXERCISE ROUTINES – Wherein I introduce the newest addition to the cast of Unicorns: Bradford Gaylord “BG” Worthington.

CLOSING LINE – Wherein I confirm that Unicorns will be my next project, and share one of the first lines I’ve written for it: the last.

OPENING LINE – Wherein I provide a high level summary and the opening lines of the next project after Five Talents.