Breaking Foma

That is what this book is for me. It’s a silly story about a man who accidentally makes a movie, but along the way he, and hopefully I in writing it, will break, edit, delete and rewrite the articles above into something simpler, something elegant.

The Politics of Fantasy

Real world politics and morality have always found their way into great fantasy and sci-fi. Why I’m allowing the tragedy of America’s gun violence epidemic take center stage in my latest novel in progress.

Back to Comedy

An excerpt from my next buddy cop comedy novel, Gunn & Balloo, as well as a perspective on why, when sad, I prefer to right funny rather than dive into melancholy.

The Cordy Trilogy

Discussing the unifying theme of my wildly different three works, and what else I’m looking for on the next phase of projects.

Curtain Call

Discussing the past two years of non-stop writing, the value of a break, and what- if anything- comes next.

Grow, Don’t Change

A treasured memory from High School, and continually evolving the process and approach to project management.