Now Welcoming Contributors

When I started the Artist Interview series, my goal for myself was to conduct 12 interviews. I’ve reached that mark and next week I’ll be sitting down to have my own father interview me with the 12 questions that the different artists I spoke with posed to each other in succession. I’ll continue conducting interviews, but those features will slow as I pursue them less actively than I have in recent months.

I finished the draft of my next novel, The Spectacular Seraphim Versus the Fame Monster and will be editing that with the aim of publishing it before the end of the year, my podcast Mon Men will continue releasing episodes every other week, I’m keeping up improv classes with the UCB, and did I mention I have a day job?

I’ll continue writing here about movies, TV, games, and culture, but I’m also going to shift to an editorial role: starting today Optional Irony is welcoming contributors who want to write with me.

Please feel free to pitch me pieces on anything you like- TV, Music, Movies, Politics, Culture- I only ask that you approach it from a lens of personal experience and/or empathy with others. How does this topic make you feel, what does it make you feel for others? What does it say to you as an artist and why you/we do and should make art?

The doors are open folks, I’ll still be here writing away, but as I’m shifting into editing mode with my novel I’m also shifting in Editor mode here as well. If you’re interested in writing for Optional Irony, contact me through Twitter (@optional_irony) or by email:

We move forward.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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