The Sexiest Thing You Can Wear

I don’t consider myself a style icon. I dress well and I’m not afraid to wear unusual or unconventional colors or styles. Simple fact is that I live according to that principle I tweeted above. I think more people should do so, whatever that may mean in terms of their expressive style.

Simply put, you are the hero of your story. Dress for the part. Play it too. Be the hero through your courage, kindness, and dedication.

I’ve said for a long time that “the man wears the suit, not the other way around.” I’ve responded with a wry smile anytime someone tells me that either doesn’t mean anything or doesn’t make any sense.

You get it though. It means that wearing the clothes don’t make you a thing. You can put on a spacesuit, but you’re not astronaut. You can wear a tailored three piece suit, and you’re no gentleman if you don’t have the manners and courtesy of one.

So few people do get it though. There are lots of people out there thinking dressing a certain way makes them an artist, or shows the world they are. An artist dresses however you dress if you’re a person who produces art. So dress the way you want. Be the hero, because whether it’s a suit, a quirky hoodie, or a romper- the sexiest and best looking things anyone can wear is confidence and a smile.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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