The First Unusual Thing

I wrapped up Improv 101 with UCB this past weekend with my first onstage improv performance since I was in High School. I mentioned in a post back in December that I was 16 when I made my first attempt at suicide, and it’s no small coincidence how that was around the time I began stripping myself of various activities and hobbies. The past few years’ journey through this blog has been my coming back in the face of my anxiety and depression to say ‘yes, and’ to the things that light a fire in me.

I told my classmates over celebratory drinks on Saturday: if you have something you want to put out into the world- be it a novel, a podcast, music, anything- so long as it’s not hurting or attacking anyone, do it. Even if only one person picks it up and appreciates it, you’ll never regret having done it versus the alternative.

I spent a number of years not doing it. Over the years I’ve not only solidified writing as my artistic foundation but I’ve started playing the Improv game of “yes, and” with my other ideas. I write and self-publish novels, yes, and I also enjoy talking Pokemon with my friends, yes, and I enjoy acting and being on stage putting my head in a character’s mind for performance just as much as for writing them onto the page.

I have a month hiatus until my next round of classes with the UCB- I’ll be taking Improv 200 as well as Sketch Writing with them starting in mid-March, so until then I have an invitation for all you lovely folks who stop by:

What can I do in the coming month to help you say “yes, and” to yourselves? Do you want a reader/editor for a story/script/article? Someone to look over a project plan/idea? An extra/actor in that short film you’re not sure how to cast to get going?

I’m here. I’ve got a month with just personal writing projects until my schedule becomes once more less flexible, so I want to do more than just my own work. How can I help you? Drop it in the comments below, shoot me an email (, or get at me on Twitter (why_balloo).

I’m not saying I’m the perfect editor, planner, artist, but I’m sure I can help. What I am saying if I’m saying anything is: welcome back. We move forward.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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