Drawful the Awful Rewrites

Going to start this one off with some gratitude: I had a pair of wonderful readers offer me some great thoughts and notes on my first draft of Drawful, and it inspired me to do some pretty major rewrites of the story.

The big thrust of the story: Princess “kidnapped” by a gentle dragon- will remain, but a lot of the characters are being shuffled, clarified, rewritten, etc. I’m going to leave everything I’ve posted up on the blog, but as of today, what’s been previewed here is going to be very different than the finished product.

Just the opening alone already has a new set of material that completely changes the circumstances of Drawful’s “kidnapping,” it is no longer Drawful offering the King his help, it’s now the Princess summoning Drawful.

There’s a lot of other changes afoot, but rather than a laundry list of edit plans, I wanted to speak to the happiness of finding the fire for this project. It’s been a strange journey: this story started as a joke, and even when it became a full novel it was only supposed to be a quick interlude/break of a project.

Now, I’m not only poised to do more work on rewriting this than I did on Beneath the Wood or Five Talents, but I once more believe that this is “the one” just like I did with each of those before it.

Maybe I’m right about this one, maybe not, but I’m ready to do the work to get it as close to it as I possibly can.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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