Five Talents – Ep. 13 “Safe Spaces”

Previously, on Five Talents:

  • Sam dug his own grave by opening his mouth on company property (repeatedly) to Harry’s chagrin.
  • Gast returned to Hell to have Pitch expedite his contracts to be transferred to Aba, and met Tie and Lilith who- to his pleasure- had already recovered his body for him.
  • Calvin was forced to catch Felicia up on the goings on at the Via Fresca, which unleashed her lust for him.
  • Calvin escaped Felicia narrowly, and as he, Karen, Tessa and Sally are making their way from the office, they run into Tie, Gast and Lilith.

This episode:

  • Gast occupies most of a tense car ride with his pining over Lilith.
  • Tessa gets word from her father that Benny was looking for her- on speakerphone in the car.
  • Harry tries to sort out the latest development between Felicia and Calvin with Sam.
  • The gang arrives at a church for overnight refuge while Lilith and the Devils get certain plans in motion.

Chapter 66 – Sympathy for a Devil

Chapter 68 – Call Your Parents 4 – Tessa

Chapter 69 – Mediation

Chapter 70 – Safe Spaces With Unsafe People

New to the story? Earlier episodes are archived here. The full audiobook with all these and more will be released in June.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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