Five Talents – Ep. 12 “Webs Within Snares”

Previously, on Five Talents:

  • Calvin met with Felicia as his new editor, and realized he doesn’t have much time to play her for free bylines left.
  • Gast tried to coerce Felicia to fire Calvin to solve his problem, but it backfired- as Aba had planned and Gast lost his body to the Executive Director.
  • Lilith and Tie linked up with Karen, and finally put the pieces together, and resolved to stop into Hell.
  • Calvin met Sally and Tessa at the Via Fresca, and attempted to interview Sally until they were interrupted by Benny, who was less than happy about the Via Fresca’s newfound fame.

This week:

  • Harry confronts Sam about the decision to assign Calvin to Felicia.
  • Gast tries to enlist Pitch to help him recover his body which has been seized by Aba.
  • Calvin has another run in with his new assigned Editor, and she loses her patience with/for him.
  • The gang all comes together at the offices and I indulge my love of Mean Girls in the closing line of this episode.

Chapter 60 – Naked Lunch

Chapter 61 – Corporate Reprimands and Seizures

Chapter 62 – Two’s Company

Chapter 64 – Planning with a Fatalist

New to the story? Earlier episodes are archived here. The full audiobook with all these and more will be released in June.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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