Unicorns – The Worst Vice

No one asking advice ever wants it. That’s what they’re saying, sure. How often do people say what they actually want? What people want is a steady voice to tell them they’re sympathetic, or better yet, beyond reproach. They want to hear a voice tell them they not only can feel their feelings, but that they should.

Even that kind of validation can be a pitfall though. You’re still putting down a flag, marking territory and platform they can later hold against you or be afraid they’re disappointing. Instead, I learned to nod and ask questions to keep a person talking.

Usually they figure things out themselves anyway. Most people asking advice aren’t looking for advice. They already have an answer and path. So better to ask them about that answer than to offer your own that’s essentially worthless.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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