Unicorns – Dance Partners

“Always making new friends.” I said with a chuckle when I sat back down.

“Gotta dance with the one you came with.” Julia leaned forward, placing her chin in her hand and letting a smile blossom from her lips over her entire face and into her eyes where it positively sparkled.

“I’ve enjoyed having you as a dance partner this past year.”

I admitted that easily. I admit these things pretty darn easily in general- maybe too easily. I’m a believer in saying what you feel, especially in situations like this. I learned you can never be sure how long you can put off being honest about good things, because you can never be sure how long anyone’ll be around for it.

This can make me recklessly complimentary at times, and I’ve been accused of being honest to a literal fault.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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