Five Talents Ep. 9 – “Rush Services”


Previously, on Five Talents:

  • Felicia seized the opportunity to get “closer” to Calvin by publishing his article on the Via Fresca, and by cornering Sam to have Calvin assigned exclusively to her section.
  • Our overworked Muse, Eurydice, allowed Calvin’s article through publication both because it wasn’t factually correct and because she was already behind on a couple hundred other deadlines for Hell.
  • Sally saw an immediate effect of the article: a customer arrived to the beleaguered chef’s restaurant for breakfast

This week:

  • Benny and the boys seek a good old fashioned consigliere to help them with the restaurant collateral and paperwork.
  • Sally does his best to manage his first ever breakfast service at the Via Fresca, with or without Tessa’s approval and assistance.
  • Matt Reade begins to see the effects of a deal with a Devil not being delivered upon.
  • Lilith and Tie make their way back from Las Vegas the old fashioned way: in a fabulously expensive sports car.

Chapter 42 – Legalism and Protective Clauses

Chapter 43 – It’s a Little Italian Joint, You’ve Probably Never Heard of It

Chapter 44 – Britches of Contract

Chapter 47 – Road Trip Part 1

New to the story? Earlier episodes are archived here. The full audiobook with all these and more will be released in June.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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