Five Talents – Ep. 8 “What’s Cookin’?”


Previously, on Five Talents

  • Calvin met with Karen to share his plan to use Felicia’s crush on him to sneak fake articles past Matt’s Devil into publication. Karen submitted the article with a “colorful” email to Felicia late that night on his behalf.
  • Gast was somewhat distracted by the clear threat Aba’s command of Hell’s forces posed in the Quarterly Business Review for the company.
  • Tie has been bankrupting a Vegas casino and many of its gamblers with his uncanny “luck” and showed up for a private cabaret, only to have it revealed that the Lilith is the one who kidnapped him and has been keeping him distracted there all along because of Gast’s deal messing with her own arrangement with a ward of her own.

This week:

  • We see Felicia’s response to receiving an article submission from Calvin in the wee hours of the morning.
  • We see Hell’s Muse on retainer in her natural (read: work) environment.
  • Sally is roused from his hangover by an unlikely guest: a customer.
  • Felicia seeks to establish an official relationship with Calvin, by having him assigned as her official intern.

Chapter 36 – Submission

Chapter 37 – Sing in me Muse- But First,

Chapter 39 – Good Food and Questionable People

Chapter 40 – Contractual Assurances

New to the story? Earlier episodes are archived here. The full audiobook with all these and more will be released in June.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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