Five Talents

Five Talents – Ep. 5 “Forms and Procedures”

Wherein Tie attempts to help his friend, and we encounter red tape bureaucracy of Earth and Hell alike, and find they are not dissimilar.

Beanie Baby

Previously on Five Talents:

  • Gast gave Matt Reade instruction on how to deal with Calvin.
  • Food Editor Felicia Swanson-Thomas is not only immune to Gast’s memory wipe, but “uniquely” motivated to defend Calvin’s article and work with him more.
  • Karen encouraged Calvin to find the loophole in Matt’s deal with Gast to get the upper hand.

This week:

  • Tie uses his demonic form to help his friend with the Matt Reade situation.
  • We meet the Director of Human Resources for the LA Weekly, Harry Anderson, who deals with a clerical oversight by Gast at the LA Weekly.
  • Gast submits himself for an audit to one of Hell’s bean counters, a Devil of the Avarice circle.

Chapter 21 – Tie

Chapter 23 – H.R. Harry

Chapter 24 – The Audit

New to the story? Earlier episodes are archived here. The full audiobook with all these and more will be released in June.

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