Unicorns – Foreword

I don’t typically write Forewords, but in Unicorns‘ (new) case, with the approach of a first person narrative, it seemed uniquely appropriate. I use about 700 words of reader goodwill right up front to establish the themes of impermanence, distraction, and time. I also do so to reflect that my narrator himself is a being within and among all of the above.

Impermanence has been around for as long as time itself. From the first moment anything at all existed within time and space, unending creation and destruction hasn’t let up. Impermanence has been the only constant. Anyone who thinks time is such a constant should consider that time only appears constant based on perception and awareness of it.

Even time is impermanent and flees from us all.

I want to say time is impertinent also. Even if this story is quite a bit smaller than that. This story is about the impermanence of a few very small things.

This story is about how we deal with and try to love one another.

This story is about the impermanence of that.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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