Five Talents

Five Talents – Ep. 3 “Keep Your Bottles Straight”

Wherein we learn more of the struggle between Gast and Aba, we meet the sole member of Sally's waitstaff, and Calvin has an interesting conversation over coffee with Matt Reade.

Previously, on Five Talents:

  • Calvin confronted his editor about his lost byline, only to find Hell has both wiped it from his Editor’s memory and existence.
  • Gast showed that Milton had it wrong about ruling in Hell, as even Gast has a boss he’s under fire from, the head of Wrath, Aba Don. Aba placed Aba under evaluation with his job and (literal) body on the line.
  • Calvin subsequently confirmed he wasn’t going insane because Karen recalled his article existing, and then met the “dorkier” intern who has a deal with a Devil to get Matt the job at the LA Weekly by any means necessary- and learned that Devils don’t apologize for much.

This week:

  • We meet Gast’s evaluator, the hulking Devil, Tie, and get more info on the struggle between Gast and Aba Don.
  • We meet Sally’s waitstaff (edit: sole waiter), Tessa
  • Coffee time with Calvin who gets a bit more info on Matt’s deal with Gast

Chapter 11 – Tie & Gast

Chapter 13 – Tessa

Chapter 15 – About That Deal

New to the story? Earlier episodes are archived here. The full audiobook with all these and more will be released in June.

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