Unicorns – Sydney the Strong Woman

Here’s to strong women, we have been raised by them, taught by them, and (hopefully) loved by them. I am a fan of writing “strong female characters” because I aspire to writing real and genuine characters. If you share that aspiration then strong women should always feature in your work because they’re realer than real, as the poet says.

In Unicorns an interesting paradox is presented in the early pages. One of my leading ladies, Sydney is an independent, intelligent and bold woman. She is still human, and is still subject to self-doubt. She is strong enough to take chances for those she cares for, and to potentially feel the sting of them failing her:

Sydney turned away from Damien and her eyes closed a moment mentally lashing herself for it. A part of her warned that if the odds played against her bet, she’d regret it more than she could therein fathom. Nevertheless, she persisted in faith.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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