Five Talents

Five Talents – Ep. 2 “Byline? What Byline?”

Wherein Calvin investigates his "lost" byline, we find that bosses don't have to be Satan to be hellish and an apology is one reason to go to work in the morning.

Previously, on Five Talents:

  • Our resident Devil of Wrath, Gast began making his client’s wish come true by replacing an article written by another LA Weekly intern with one prepared by Hell’s Muse, Eurydice.
  • Karen was given the job as Staff Fashion Writer and was able to say goodbye to her own “competition,” Natalie and Natalee- the “Nats.”
  • Sally Degneri served a meal to a customer who didn’t live long enough to leave any kind of review because the mafioso backer of his restaurant won’t allow it.

This Week:

  • Calvin investigates his “lost” byline.
  • Gast shows us that bosses don’t have to literally be Satan to be terrible- even in Hell.
  • Matt Reade makes a rare trip to the LA Weekly office.

Chapter 6 – Calvin

Chapter 8 – Gast & Aba Don

Chapter 9 – Calvin & Karen

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