Unicorns – Same Dogs, Same Tricks

Another case of character moments reflecting larger themes. Distraction, deflection and detachment. Colin is well known for these things among his friends and it’s referenced in terms of passing gestures here and there, but overall it’s a symptom of a larger issue at play with one of my protagonists and what will be his failure on one front and his tragedy on the other.

In the meantime: Brunch.

Colin sat back and waited, it was clear Megan had an agenda to cover that morning and he was sure he could thank BG for it. She did not disappoint or surprise him. “Julia or your mystery girl, which do we discuss first?”

Colin was non-committal. She narrowed her eyes dangerously at him and shook her head deftly. “None of that. I want to see which one you’re more keen to discuss first because you know we’re discussing both, regardless of how much of your infamous discretion and deflection I have to cut through.”

Colin took a deep breath as the waiter appeared with their first drinks. The hangover was just beginning to creep up on him and he knew it would be hell trying to keep up with Megan’s banter if he didn’t energize. “Coffee, please?” The waiter obliged then asked if they were ready to order food, but they requested a few extra minutes. It was a way to game the hourlong limit on the unlimited drinks they had devised years ago when living on significantly more modest means.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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