Unicorns – Scotch Talk

This one is purely for fun. After Colin and Julia have their dust up, Colin ends up home drinking alone until BG finds him and they begin a breakdown of what transpired between he and Julia. While they did fight, and while Colin could have probably made better of it had he stayed there instead of going home to drink, he’s not definitively dumped…yet- or is he?

“I didn’t get dumped. She’s mad, but I don’t think we broke up.” Colin affirmed and glanced at his phone. No notifications, from anyone.

“How?” BG looked truly shocked. “How are you that fucking lucky? Seriously? Just once. How do you get a girl like Julia to date you, and then not dump you for a jackass move like this?”

Colin drained his glass and poured another. “Told her I love her.”

“Oh, fuck off.” BG fumed and crossed his arms, throwing himself back into the couch again. “I’ve seen your dick, it’s nothing spectacular at all. I really don’t get it. I really don’t.”

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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