Unicorns & Satellites

Unicorns – College Memories

Wherein Colin, BG and Drew tell a story they've all told dozens of times before, without realizing how many times they've told it, or how long ago it really happened.

The grind begins in earnest on Unicorns & Satellites drafting so these posts sharing excerpts will become more plentiful in days/weeks to come. First up tonight, a lighter fare: my characters BG, Colin, and Drew enjoying telling a story they’ve all told a dozen times apiece they don’t realize they’ve retold that many times, about a time they don’t realize was that long ago. Happens to me and my friends all the time, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones. Art imitates life, etc, etc.

“We called him serial killer for the first few weeks we knew him,” BG interjected darkly with a slight shudder before taking a sip of his beer to seemingly calm his nerves.

Ben chuckled at the display and looked back at Colin who continued. “This was like, five years ago.”

“It wasn’t that long ago.” BG huffed.

Drew looked at the ceiling to figure the timeline. “First year out of college when he moved down to LA with Megan. You’re right, it hasn’t been that long. It’s been seven years.”

BG wilted slightly at the correction and his gaze grew distant while Colin continued.

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