Unicorns – Exercise Routines

BG (Bradford Gaylord Worthington) is the character that revealed himself to me in my ruminating about the story and threads I want to grapple with in Unicorns. On the one hand, I want some levity, and a character who’s conflicted about his friend(s) getting married, on the other I want a friend grappling more internally and secretly with a tragedy that makes seeing his friends get married a challenge of a different sort. Through each one’s unique journey to this matrimony, I’ll be exploring different challenges I simply think need to be captured in a story. Here’s a bit about BG from the opening I mentioned I drafted today:

BG’s increasingly generous belly was peeking out. His Coachella 2010  t-shirt was getting more exercise than BG had in months by scaling up his bulging belly. Over the course of the his late twenties, BG had done a patient job of gathering the weight he now carried amply around and over his waistline. Colin regularly mused that if BG had done as well at saving money he might have afforded a new wardrobe to keep up with the evolution.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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