The Circle Chase

First bit of news, I’m (personally) completely done with my work on Five Talents. Edits and layout for publishing have been completed and my cover artist, Melissa, has accepted the job of producing another cover for me once more. Melissa has asked for a couple months to get the art together, so I’m targeting a mid-June release for the Kindle and Paperback editions simultaneously.

I’m happy to allow the time for the last round of queries to mature a bit in the wild and see if anything comes back, but regardless of what does or doesn’t come of them, I’m completely satisfied with where I’ve taken this project. Come June I’ll be more than happy to have it go live as Beneath the Wood did.

Regarding my next novel, in setting the timeline above, I had told myself that taking some time between projects this go around would be worthwhile. I’ve been lucky enough to have come up with two more ideas for stories in the weeks of editing, so given the division of efforts, I thought some time off might not be a bad idea and to start up the next one in a month or so when I really had the itch.

The itch hit this week and I’ve already started on Unicorns & SatellitesI’ll devote a post to come on my early drafting process, but for now the real grind will be slow moving. I spend my first few days diving into a project writing and rewriting a number of beginnings and characters trying to find just the right tone and level of narrative voice and cast. Either way, here comes number three. As for how I came back to Unicorns when it seemed like I was going with another project (or another still), I’ll simply say the very same thing that was inspiring me to come up with new ideas also led to me going back to Unicorns and finding a missing piece of it that has me ready to write it next.

Because writing novels has become something of old hat at this point, I’m also dabbling in another project on the side, still related to Five Talents: I’m considering taking the time to record an audiobook version of the story. I’ve done some acting in my time, and think I could have some fun with some of the characters, so hopefully I’ll have news on that in the weeks to come as well.

Regardless, I’m pleased to once more be at the finish line of another book, waiting on cover art and enjoying finding my feet on the next one(s). As ever, friends: we move forward.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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