Unicorns – The Close

It’s been a few weeks of sorting through final edits on Five Talents but I’m finally done with them. As with last Fall when I was waiting on the cover art for Beneath the Wood, I’m once more waiting on replies to the last round of queries and prepared to independently publish if no positive responses come in from remaining agents. I was prepared to take a break until my friend finished the cover design in a month, but as with last time, I found my passion for the next project and am already drafting the next novel. I’ll have a longer post on coming back to this later, but for now, the first line I’ve drafted of Unicorns & Satellites is actually the last line. I’ve set my goal, now to bring my story to that finish line.

After a time, he looked around the terrace. He was alone. She had gone back to the ballroom- afire with music and light, without him. He pulled out his phone to find someone to tell about his night.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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