On Writing – Any & All Likenesses

Wherein I discuss the various ways real world people and events make it into my work, and my approach to handling them with care and respect.

Unicorns – Scotch Talk

Wherein Colin and BG discuss the “luckiness” of being in limbo between a fight and a break up.

On Writing – Bad Habits

Wherein I discuss how in pursuing one’s voice to fully embody work it’s as much a pursuit of curtailing bad habits as it is enhancing one’s strengths.

Unicorns – Character Through Setting

Wherein I describe my use and application of robust setting detail not only to reveal space, but also themes and character to a reader, and to plant certain seeds.

Unicorns – College Memories

Wherein Colin, BG and Drew tell a story they’ve all told dozens of times before, without realizing how many times they’ve told it, or how long ago it really happened.