On Writing – On Being in Love

I’ve spilled some digital ink already on heartbreak and its effect on my work, so I think it’s worthwhile to explore the flipside of that. I don’t think there’s much I can say that isn’t trite about how falling/being in love can inspire, drive and motivate us in our artwork. In my opinion it’s a rite of passage for us as human beings to fall so deeply for someone that we write sappy poetry, stories, or even doodle in the margins incessantly thinking about our beloved.

Rather than the falling part and the focus on one’s affections, I want to talk today, as a writer who concerns himself with subjects pertaining to or within the realm of love, about what being in love does for and to my work.

For one thing, I joke plenty that melodrama and sappy writing (over-writing) is something I try to “get out of my system” before sitting down to write serious, well balanced prose of nuance.  Interestingly, this is the case for both when I’m in love with someone as when I’ve fallen out or found myself disappointed. My personal goal as a writer is to tell stories with a certain space of objectivity for my readers to experience within, so when my personal feelings are pulling too strong in either direction as to present a narrative bias of sorts (whether for romanticism or tragedy), I try to let that exhaust itself and get back to a middle space wherein my readers can draw their own conclusions and meaning.

“But Balloo,” you must be saying, “it sounds like you’re saying falling in love is pretty darn inconvenient.”

Well, yeah I suppose, if I’m calling a spade a spade it is. From a purely pragmatic standpoint it’s incredibly so. However, the best things in life aren’t convenient in my opinion. They’re actually wonderful because they require us to step out of our routine tracks, adjust, bend and reach out after them.

I told someone I care about much, very recently, that she inspired me finally to change my perspective on why I write. I told her that I’ve decided to stop working to prove people wrong, and was instead writing to prove her (and others like her) faith in me true. Being in love, when it’s a steady and dependable thing that you trust and are trusted in, is a fire in sky that lights the way.

The trick and the tragedy has always been to find someone you want to take the leap for. It’s a matter of wit, luck and courage alike in my opinion. However, when you do find that person, who’s willing to be that light in your life for you- and who appreciates you as the light in theirs- oh the places you can go with that light guiding the way.

Thanks, readers, for indulging a more saccharine tone today. Whether by sun or rain, as always friends, we move forward.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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