On Break – The Journey

Today’s an unusual post, as you can tell by the header. I’ve had a productive week since my last post. Five Talents actually generated some interest from an agent who requested the manuscript for review, and I’m still going through edits on it. I’ve done some light planning on Bold as Jackals, but have not yet committed to sitting down to the “grind” to begin drafting it.

The reason for that is that I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow, and I didn’t want to start the grind and interrupt it just a few days in. There’s a certain value to starting writing when I can maintain momentum as it builds, so there’s value in letting the idea cook a little more before I get down to it.

On the other hand, there’s a part of me that wonders if- while edits and shopping of Five Talents around still- that I might not happen upon another idea while on vacation. I’m lucky, in a pretty unreal and incomparable way, that I get to take this vacation with a friend whose intelligence and wit are simply inspiring, and I’m going to Washington D.C., our nation’s capitol, where the history of our nation’s founding principles, ideals and optimism stand in breathtaking fashion of its monuments, buildings and museums.

I’ve been before, many years ago when I was much more immature (but still had the same dream of being an author). Writing, at its essence is art, and I’m excited for a few days away from routine, grind, and discipline to see what my heart responds to and takes away from the city and my friend who’ll be at my side. I’m sure I’ll have a post next week looking back on my time there.

As always everyone, we move forward. Whatever your grind is, be about your grind.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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