Unicorns & Satellites – Opening Line

I mentioned in my other post today that I’ll be taking a couple weeks off between getting the paperback edition of Beneath the Wood done, and waiting on the proofread from my editor on Five Talents. Taking some time “off” doesn’t mean I won’t be writing at all, and case in point I have the first lines of my next novel to share today.

Of Unicorns & Satellites (I may do a separate post down the line explaining the title), will follow two characters: Karen and Colin (placeholder names for now), who are dating when Colin’s best friend gets engaged and asks Colin to be the best man. Colin is triggered into wondering why he hasn’t found ‘true love’ yet if he’s the romantic of his friends’ circle, and he immediately turns to Karen and professes his love for her.

Karen, is understandably put off by his needing that trigger and tells him to take some time and space to figure things out. The book will follow both leading up to the wedding where the story ends, and I’ll go more into plot as I begin drafting. For now, here’s the opening as told from Karen’s perspective:

Karen loved the little gestures and things about him. These small things he did seemingly without knowing (although they might have been practiced to that point).  The way he held his breath whenever she pulled her lips away from his for a moment, how he grinned when she’d lean back in, or how he’d gasp every time she traced her mouth down his chest.

She might have told him about these things, but what man should need more ego?

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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