Beneath the Wood – Rough Draft Cover Art by Melissa McDonald

Today’s post is less about writing, and more a general update on my prior novel, Beneath the Wood. While I’ve been focused the past two months on drafting Five Talents, and now moving onto editing the manuscript, I have kept the release of a physical, print edition of BtW in mind, however I wanted a better designed cover with some actual artwork for it.

Thanks to a wonderful friend and artist, Melissa McDonald, I’m on my way to that next step. Melissa was nice enough to offer her services to me, and provided me the above sample artwork as the rough sketch for my eventual cover design. I couldn’t be more excited or pleased at the early result and am eager to see the final.

In the meantime, that’s something I’m glad I was able to find support with, and if anyone would like information on Melissa’s work, feel free to email me at for details on how to reach/commission her.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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