Five Talents – The Devils: Aba & Pitch

Later in Five Talents, Aba has reason to visit Pitch. Pitch at first thinks Aba suspects his involvement with Gast, but it turns out that Aba is merely visiting Avarice to place a “pre-order” for Gast’s soon to be vacated body.  We find out that this is why Aba sorted Gast into Wrath despite Gast clearly being better suited for Pride, and that Aba really is only taking Gast on as a rival for the fun of it, because what else is there for a Devil of Wrath to do to pass the ages?

Turns out Pitch, and pretty much every other Devil, harbors no misgivings about Aba’s feelings towards Lucifer nor any doubts that Lucifer would like Aba to loosen up and party a bit:

“What better fun is there?” Aba asked.

Pitch nodded slowly in contemplation of Aba’s inquiry. “Been a bit bored lately?”

“Ages and ages,” Aba said with theatrical melancholy, “all the ages of hell, it’s the same kind of upstart, furious rivalry, contentious battle, and then back to the grind.”

“Repetitious, hm?” Pitch asked curiously.

Aba nodded slowly and snapped his fingers, “yes,” he nodded his bald head more vigorously as  he considered the notion, “It was the same thing over and over. I began wondering if it was a cycle of history repeating itself spiraling through and into eternity. I was about to give up.”

Pitch considered it mildly and gave a curious look at Aba, wondering if the Director really didn’t get it, “Lucifer might be glad for you to enjoy some more… personal time away from the hoi polloi of the offices?”

Aba turned up his nose at the notion, “I’m precisely where our Lord Lucifer wants and needs me.”

Pitch put his hands up in surrender. It was a mystery to him how two beings could simultaneously love one another yet act so consistently in discord of that love actually bringing them together, but this is a phenomenon in the universe with Devils, Angels and fourth graders alike.

Author: Y. Balloo

Amateur novelist / Work in progress.

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